Shrutheesh Raman Iyer

Shrutheesh Raman Iyer

Graduate Student

University of California, San Diego

Hello there 👋.

I’m a second year graduate student pursuing my master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, San Diego, specializing in robotics.

I’m interested in developing robot systems, to be deployed onto the noisy real world, tackling problems ranging from robot manipulation to navigation and SLAM. I’m currently conducting my research at the Cognitive Robotics Lab at the Contextual Robotics Institute, UCSD, where I am working on developing a generalized framework for robot tool use through affordances.

And when I’m not doing robotics, you’d typically find me watching cricket or football (re: soccer) or passionately defending why the Eagles could not have carried the ring to Mordor.

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  • Robotics
  • Autonomy
  • Perception and Planning
  • MS in Computer Science & Engineering, 2023

    University of California, San Diego

    Specialization in Robotics

    San Diego, CA

  • BE in Computer Science & Engineering, 2020

    RV College of Engineering

    Bangalore, India

A list of organizations I have been involved with: